Friday, 19 July 2013

Promote Bishops' Book On Sex, Don't Criticise

God, Love, Life and Sex
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Since our only Catholic newspaper in South Africa is more inclined to devote the front-page to the critics of the South African Catholic Bishops’ book, “God, Love, Life and Sex”, it has to be left to us ordinary Catholics in the pews – or in my case in bed, to promote the bishops book.

My post, "Bishops Page Two, Critics Front-Page", criticising The Southern Cross will serve no purpose. Experience has shown that, while for a brief period the editor may possibly rein it in, inevitably a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

There is no doubt that The Southern Cross will create discussion about the book God, Love, Life and Sex. But, no matter how the editor will pat himself on the back and point to all the discussion his newspaper has generated around the book, he will not be able to disguise the fact that the discussion will focus on the criticism surrounding the bishops book, not on the learning and formation that can be derived from its contents. The usual crowd will weigh in and there will be much toing and froing, but no progress will be made because the tone of the debate has been set by the fact that The Southern Cross gave a platform to critics like Fr. Clohessy?

At the end of the day the ordinary everyday Catholic will no doubt throw up their arms and say, this is all too much. You go and read your book and argue all you like about it with the bishops and whoever else, while we go find something less controversial to read - maybe a really good cookbook? Goodness, even the Catechism is off limits these days because even there many clergy simply cannot get their heads around accepting it. So, yes, a good cookbook it will have to be. We know that it contains a recipe for, if nothing else, at least making our tummies happy.

It’s a really great pity that The Southern Cross couldn’t have ignored Fr. Clohessy completely. I suppose they will use the argument that they are a newspaper - remember I wrote about that in "Does Our Catholic Newspaper Have The Right To Press Freedom". 

The newspaper would have been better focussing more on doing what Joan Armstrong has done to help the bishops to promote their book, than writing articles expounding on what the critics have to say. She posted a video on YouTube wherein Archbishop Brislin introduces the Bishops' new book - “God, Love, Life and Sex”.  Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE

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