Monday, 8 July 2013

Canonisation Used To Sow Discord

Blessed Pope John XXIII

Last week we received the news that Blessed Pope John XXIII and Blessed Pope John Paul II will both be canonised this year. This was good news, worthy to be celebrated. Unfortunately some in the Church have again turned this into a means to create division in the Church.

No sooner had the announcement from the Vatican become public than we were subjected to people questioning the decision to canonise Blessed Pope John Paul II and implying that there is something sinister in the decision. The usual Catholic publications also jumped on the bandwagon.

The accusation is that Blessed Pope John Paul II’s canonisation has come in an extremely short period and that this is seen as an indication of some sinister agenda. No one has yet elaborated to explain what that sinister agenda might be.
Personally I fail to understand what anyone could possibly achieve from getting someone canonised too quickly and what sinister agenda could therefore be satisfied in doing so. Maybe someone could write to me and explain what could be achieved by having someone canonised and from doing it too quickly.

There has been no criticism of the fact that Blessed Pope John XXIII has had only one miracle approved. The decision to canonise him was only made possible because Pope Francis waived the requirement for the second miracle, after the Church had waited for this second miracle for about 23 years.

I have no problem with this decision by Pope Francis to waive this second miracle requirement. It does however seem to me that if there is going to be accusations of something sinister, logic dictates that it would be aimed here. It seems to me that waiving the normal requirement for two miracles would be a greater sign of something ‘fishy’ going on, than where the requirement for two miracles has been satisfied.

Anyway, to be fair, I really do not believe that there is anything sinister with the canonisation of either of these popes. I think that what is actually sinister is that there are people who are using the canonisation of these popes to sow discord in the Church.

I haven’t heard any common sense explanation as to why they have a problem with the speed of the canonisation other than the fact that, reading between the lines, these people see Blessed Pope John Paul II as a "conservative" pope.

It shows that the motives of those opposed to the canonisation of Blessed Pope John Paul II are less about ensuring that holy men and women are canonised for the good of the Church and the glory of God, and more about staging a protest against Church teaching because of their personal dissatisfaction with it. 

In my humble opinion these people want the Church teaching to conform to our modern world, not the world to conform to the teaching of the Church. Fortunately the Church is resisting this, as it should.


  1. Strange : see the comments on this link:

    I'm beginning to wonder what the liberal conspirators who want to destroy the authenticity of the Church are up to?

    Pope John XXIII gave these liberals, (communist protestant, faithless bishops, clergy and laity ) a wonderful opportunity to embark on the road of dissent; abusing the Liturgy; Promoting woman priests; promoting homosexuality; bringing in the paedophile problem; causing many to lose trust in the Church's Magisterium; allowing the world's media communication to spread scandal and disgust, etc.

    On the other hand, thanks be to God and to Our Blessed Lady, Pope John Paul II pulled the reigns in , especially with collaboration of Pope Benedict XVI.

    How noticeable it is to see how they try to down-stage Popes John Paul Ii and Benedict XVI while they upstage Pope Francis.

    Watch how soon they will repudiate Pope Francis should he dare to rebuke these traitors.

  2. The liberals are certainly waiting for the pope to open the door to the many ideas that they have. They will soon turn on him when they realise that he simply cannot do all that they want him to do. He can only do what God wants him to do. God will not let him do anything that is harmful to the Church, of that I am certain.

  3. Our concern is to draw loyal faithful souls into the Church for Christ. In this, our concern is that of the good shepherd which is to watch out for the wolves who are baying at the shepherd with smiling teeth, full of praise and flattery for Pope Francis, waiting to strike at the sheep. Like they did at Vatican II, they are striking though Pope Francis at his predecessors.

  4. Of course. It's not "him". It's them that is the problem.