Thursday, 1 August 2013

Be Cautious Of Pope Francis Media Reports

Pope Francis
Yesterday I wrote about the many articles that have been written about Pope Francis’ remarks on ‘gays’ during his flight home after World Youth Day. I have come across articles ranging from impending changes in the Church policy on homosexual priests, right through to possible changes to the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

I wonder what has happened to the days when one could rely on journalists who simply report factually what has been said. It seems so difficult to find media today who will report the facts and then leave us to make up our own minds.

I found this video by Rome Reports and it has again served to highlight to me how we simply cannot rely on journalists to give us the facts. This video of Pope Francis talking to the journalists on the flight home conveys a completely different message to me than the message that was conveyed through newspapers like the National Catholic Reporter, the Tablet and some others. We really do need to start being cautious of media reports.

Watch this video and then compare its contents to that which you read in the newspapers.

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  1. The liberals are dreaming of and desperately hoping for Pope Francis to do what he can't do. Ordain women priests and approve same sex marriage. They don't understand the Church.