Friday, 2 August 2013

God In The Beauty of His Creation

South Africa is such a beautiful country. One of the blessings of having been disabled has been the ability to take a moment to smell the roses. To become aware of all those normal everyday things that I simply was oblivious of when I was working and complying with the demands of work and the desire to climb the corporate ladder.

I didn’t know that I could experience the kind of bird life that I do in the back yard of my home. I would have thought that the only way to experience this would be to go away to some exotic holiday resort. Who would have thought that being confined to my home for literally 24/7 would be such a wonderful blessing?

Take a look at some the beauty I get to experience when sitting in my garden during the day. Never allow disaster to fool you into thinking the worst. God always has a bigger and better plan, even if it is not always immediately obvious.

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  1. Its true what they say after the rain comes monday and we have to go to work ... and here you are very fortunate..thanks for keeping us grounded.God Bless
    Sean N