Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Horrors People Are Capable Of

The subject of euthanasia is popping up more frequently as more and more people seek to legalise a persons “right to die” if a person chooses to do so. Of course, the advocates of euthanasia claim that they want this only for exceptional circumstances, such as when there is clear medical evidence that a person is going to die anyway, but that person does not want to endure the pain and loss of dignity that may precede this inevitable death. 

Sadly, at the time that abortion was legalised, it was also intended to be for the good of the mother, in exceptional circumstances, and subject to strict controls. We all know where that has led . . .

This video below is an example of what happens when we tolerate evil, even allegedly ‘lesser’ evils. Evil simply cannot help but to be truly EVIL! So today abortion is being used to kill off babies simply because their gender is not what was planned by their parents. Do you think this is what was intended when abortion was legalised?

Like abortion, if euthanasia is legalised it will undoubtedly lead to incredible evils. Evils we cannot even begin to imagine. The concept of having a “right to die” will soon become an “obligation to die”! Those who have become a burden on society, or on their families, will be put to death in the interest of society as a whole. Of course, there is no doubt that it will be the poor who will suffer the brunt of euthanasia when it inevitably goes horribly wrong. The poor, unlike the rich who will be in a position to buy their right to live because they can pay their own way, will be obliged to 'accept' death as soon as it is deemed that they have become a unnecessary burden on society.

Of course the advocates of legalising euthanasia vehemently deny this possibility and claim they will want legislation to ensure this can never happen. That may be so, but it is a slippery slope to start on. I think that we must be ever mindful of the incredible evil that mankind has been and is capable of. We must ensure that we do everything possible to protect ourselves from ourselves.

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