Saturday, 4 February 2012

Gay Catholic Mass

Now I have seen it all. Gay Mass with the prayers of the faithful by a man dressed in a dress, complete with wig. Is it just me who feels this way or does anyone else agree that this is totally unacceptable? It makes a mockery of Mass!

The Mass in the video was apparently celebrated at the Church of the Assumption and St Gregory in Warwick Street in the Diocese of Westminster. This parish, as regularly as twice a month, celebrates Mass specifically for LGBT Catholics. Apparently, these special Masses for LGBT Catholics are referred to as the Soho Masses.

I fail to understand why there is a need to have a special Mass celebrated specifically for LGBT Catholics. A LGBT Catholic Mass once or twice a year or at certain special moments, in order remind Catholics of the challenges faced by the LGBT brothers and sisters, I can understand. However, as a regular feature, this is just total nonsense. LGBT Catholics are Catholics like everyone else.

Catholics should all attend Mass together and no person should be made to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable because of ones sexual orientation. I do not believe any LGBT Catholic can honestly claim that he or she feels uncomfortable or unwelcome at, for want of a better word, a “normal” Catholic Mass. Yet, I can tell you honestly, that this LGBT Catholic Mass would make me feel extremely uncomfortable and it is unconscionable that this has been permitted to take place on such a frequent and on going basis.

Some LGBT Catholics are selfishly pursuing their own agendas regardless of the cost. It must be stopped!


  1. Unbelievable! A cross dressing priest?!? A mass to celebrate homosexuality, to celebrate a sin?!? This was no mass of the Lord, this was a mass of the satanic. What has the bishop in charge of this particular parish done to rectify this sacrilege? What has Rome done? Serious actions should be taken so that this insult to our Lord Jesus Christ can be addressed.

    It’s nonsense like this that makes people with homosexual inclinations like myself struggle with inner turmoil and confusion. These people have no idea what devastating effects their actions are having.

  2. cross dressed priest. really? did you see the video yourself or did you blindly rely on the blogger?

    I've seen the video myself and of course the priest wears the usual mass clothing. and of course the cross dressed person was a lay person who read aloud the intercessions/prayer intentions (togther with another man).

    and it surely is not a mass to celebrate homosexuality but to celebrate Jesus Christ like every other mass.

    oh and by the way, homosexuality is not a sin, it is a state/condition. lived homosexuality is a sin. but so what? everybody is a sinner. and Jesus did eat and drink with (heavy) sinners. (look it up in the gospels)

    I guess they have that lgbt mass not because they want to seperate themself from the rest, but be among people who feel and suffer the same, to help and encourage each other on the difficult path to be catholic and lgbt at the same time.

    May God and Holy Virgin Mary bless you richly!