Monday, 13 August 2012

LCWR Responds To The CDF

CNS photo/Sid Hastings

I see that the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) on the 10th of August released an official response to the report by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  I have read it very quickly and have not yet formed an opinion about its contents.  I thought I would provide the link to the official statement for those of you who may not yet have seen it.


  1. Sr. Farrell believes ......1) “The human family is not served by individualism, patriarchy, a scarcity mentality or competition. ”. She explained. 2) that the world is “outgrowing the dualistic constructs” of “good/bad” and “domination/submission.” 3)“Breaking through in their place are equality, communion, collaboration, synchronicity, expansiveness, abundance, wholeness, mutuality, intuitive knowing and love,” she said. [Extracted from Catholic News Agency : "Religious sisters' conference plans to continue Vatican dialogue]

    I think the middle point, 2) above, clearly exposes the " toxic ham delicately placed between the sandwich", locating the poisonous argumentative substance which is hidden between "two stale slices of bread", having been positioned between points 1) & 3) above.

    Without herein delving into points 1 ) & 3) - we all do not have the spare time to waste - let's cut quickly accross the CWRL's position and assert that Sr Farrell has most importantly lost her way when she says "that the world is “outgrowing" the dualistic constructs of “good/bad” and “domination/submission”.

    Firstly, Sr Farrel's "world" is not our world. Therefore it is inappropriate, without elective votes, for her to speak on our behalf. Actually God's world is not limited to this "world" - His ways are above the world's ways! And, God is indeed Good!

    Secondly, what Sr Farrel calls " Dualistic constructs" i.e. good/bad, is so fundamental, that we must oppose her from the point of view and we must assert that the concept of "Good/Evil" will never ever be "outgrown". Indeed, the final battle, Armageddon will be and is between Good and Evil (Refer to the Book of Revelation).In the end we are told that Good will overcome Evil. So how is it possible for Sr Farrell to glibly dismiss right and wrong, Heaven and Hell, in her CWRL cosmic vision?

    Thirdly, becuase Good & Evil really do exist, therefore, ultimately there always will be the need for Authentic Authority in order to guide the Church in tending to the poor to do Good and to avoid Evil. There always will be the need for the good Pope as was established by Jesus Christ for all time.

    Here, I do not understand why Sr Farrel and her CWRL grouping confuse themselves and try to play the "power game" by dismissing the concept of "domonation/submission". Do they want Satan to rule the Good?

    While the CWRL remains pickled in ideological confusion and false liberalism; while they do not submit to the solid time-tested principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while CWRL remain isolated, sterile and unfulfilled, what good purpose will they ever serve?.

    In correcting, the CWRL, the Vatican/Church will indeed be facing the duality of GOOD and EVIL. On the one hand, the Church must pursue the CWRL in a similar way as the shepherd pursues and rescues "the lost sheep". On the other hand, there is the Satanic Wolf who is in the process of devouring these females because of their pride and diobedience.

    For the CWRL, they must reassess the essential question which involves their raison d'etre; the essence of their being. They must ask: "Who is their Master? To which philosophy will they succomb? Who do they serve?"

    My view is that these women are in serious need of conversion. They have strayed away from the real path, presently serving neither man nor God.

  2. Sorry for being confusing, a LCWR gremlin tried to shoot the above artice. For CWRL, please rather read LCWR, Leadership Conference of Woman Religious).