Friday, 10 February 2012

With Deep Sadness

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Here is a copy of one of the letters that was addressed to Pope Benedict XVI, on the 7th of July 2011, by  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. This is one of the letters, leaked to the press, which is apparently at the heart of the allegations of corruption in the Vatican. When you have read this, read my post titled, “Who Really Leaked The Letter Of Vatican Corruption?

Vatican City-State
The Secretary General

To His Holiness
Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican City, July 7, 2011

Most Holy Father,

With deep sadness and disappointment I have received from the hands of the Most Eminent Cardinal Secretary of State the communication of the decision of Your Holiness to appoint me Apostolic Nuncio in the United States of America. In other circumstances, such an appointment would be a reason for joy and a sign of great esteem and trust in my regard, but in the present context, it will be perceived by all as a verdict of condemnation of my work, and therefore as a punishment.

In spite of the great damage to my reputation and the negative repercussions that this provision will provoke, my response cannot be anything but full adherence to the will of the pope, as I have always done during my other than brief service to the Holy See. In the face of this harsh trial as well, I renew with profound faith my absolute obedience to the Vicar of Christ.

The meeting granted to me by Your Holiness last April 4 brought me great comfort, as did the subsequent news that the pope had instituted a special Committee "super partes," charged with clarifying the delicate matter in which I have been involved; and thus it seemed reasonable to me to hope that any provision in my regard would be taken only at the conclusion of the work of the aforementioned Committee, in part so that punishment would not seem to be given to the one who, out of the duty of his office, had brought to the attention of his immediate superior, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, gravely deplorable actions and behaviors that, moreover, His Excellency Bishop Giorgio Corbellini, deputy secretary general, had in vain repeatedly reported and documented for the same superior – long before my arrival at the governorate – and that, in the absence of action on the part of the same cardinal, he had felt the need to report also to the secretariat of state.

And I was even more saddened to learn, following the audience with the Most Eminent Cardinal Secretary of State last July 2, that Your Holiness agrees with the judgment of my actions in the terms in which this was previewed last June 26 in a blog post by Andrea Tornielli, namely that I am said to be guilty of having created a negative climate at the Governorate, making relations more and more difficult between the secretary general and the heads of the offices, so much so as to make my transfer necessary.

In this regard, I would like to assure Your Holiness that this does not at all correspond to the truth. The other cardinal members of the Pontifical Committee of the Governorate, who know very well how I have acted over the past two years, could inform you with greater objectivity, not having a stake in this matter, and easily prove how far from the truth is the information about me that has been reported to you, which has been the motive for your decision in my regard.

I am also grieved by the fact that, unfortunately having to care personally for an older brother who is a priest, seriously affected by a stroke that is gradually debilitating him mentally as well, I should have to leave right now, when I had expected to be able to resolve in a few months this family problem that so greatly worries me.

Your Holiness, for the reasons presented above, I turn to you with trust to ask you, for the sake of my reputation, to postpone for the necessary time the implementation of the decision you have already made, which at this moment would appear as an unjust sentence of condemnation in my regard, based on behaviors that have been falsely attributed to me, and to entrust the task of exploring the real situation of this matter, which also sees two Most Eminent Cardinals involved, to a truly independent body, for example the Apostolic Signatura. This would allow my transfer to be perceived as a normal replacement, and would also permit me to find a solution for my brother priest more easily.

If Your Holiness would grant me this, I would ardently desire, in honor of the truth, to be able to provide you personally with the elements necessary to clarify this delicate matter, in which the Holy Father has certainly been kept in the dark.

With profound veneration, I renew for Your Holiness sentiments of filial devotion,

in Christ the Lord
+ Carlo Maria Viganò


  1. I am wondering what lies at the bottom of all this.

    Who really leaked "what".

    The letter to the Holy Father doesn't seem to say much, except as to indicate that the Archbishop has a) a problem with some personalities and b) he is concerned about his brother's deteriorating health.

    I am not sure which issue is playing the bigger role, the clash or his brother's health.

    What am I missing here?

    Letters are frequently leaked from the Vatican. Such events, like it or not, are part of the "office" politics.

    I pity the Holy Father having to concern himself with people who cannot necessarily be trusted.

    Leaving confidential letters on desks for the "cleaning lady" to pick up is really not on...

    To place the Holy Father under suspicion for "losing" the letter is equally not on.

    The answer as to who "dropped" the letter to the press, lies, I think, with the one who has the biggest to lose....and the least to gain.

  2. I agree that it makes no sense for Pope Benedict XVI or Cardinal Bertone to have leaked the letters. They have too much to lose. Someone is being really vindictive and I am sure that it will turn out that all these allegations are nothing but wild allegations

  3. What truly infuriates me is that the editor of the Southern Cross was so quick to jump all over this story. Yet neither he nor the paper he edits has published one article about the controversial Obama healthcare bill which has been in the news for months.

  4. I am still pondering the matter.

    Actually, the leak could have come from any multiple of sources.

    What catches my attention about the "leaked" letter is that Archbishop Viganò indicates that he is more concerned aout his own image and pride, than about the causes and effects taking place in the generariate. He also apears to be a little "sneaky" by inter alia bringing his brother's health into his request to delay the timing of his new appointment.

    I just get the feeling that he is the source of the leak. The fact that he appears to compromise other cardinals within his letter also tells that he is likely not to stop there, but will compromise anyone who blocks his way.

    Both the Holy Father and Cardinal Bertone have not shown similar characteristics.

    As for the Southern Cross' opinion...this is a reflection of a liberal 'Arian' shabbiness which has always been linked to a pro-protestant/contraceptive mentality - no solid food here.